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Short Synopsis
T. A. White presents Book 1 in the Aileen Travers series.

Full Synopsis
Life as Aileen knew it ended when she woke up in a morgue sporting a new set of fangs after a wild night out. Now as a courier for the supernatural world, she balances figuring out this whole vampire thing with making enough to support her ice cream habit.

When a job goes disastrously awry and ends with a body on the ground, Aileen finds herself in over her head as she draws the attention of a powerful creature intent on her death.

Aileen will need to separate her allies from her enemies before it's too late. To survive, she'll work with a being she swore to avoid at all costs—a powerful vampire who may hold the key to her survival. Or the flame from which her world burns.

Shadow's Messenger

Author T. A. White

Narrated by Natasha Soudek

Publication date Sep 22, 2020

Running time 11 hrs 12 min

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