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Short Synopsis
In Kate Furnivall's latest novel, a young woman's quest to find out the truth behind her brother's disappearance takes her on an unforgettable adventure in a far-off land.

Full Synopsis
1912, London. Jessie Kenton hears her young brother, Georgie, scream in the middle of the night and wakes up the next morning to find him gone. Her parents never speak of him again.

1932. Twenty years later, Jessie is haunted by the same nightmare. Her other brother, Timothy, has inexplicably vanished from her parents' home. Wracked by guilt because of her failure to ever find Georgie, and convinced that the two events must be related, she sets out on a quest to find Timothy. She plunges into a mysterious world of séances and mystics, nebulous clues and Egyptian artifacts.

With the help of a dashing and impoverished aristocrat, Sir Montague Chamford, Jessie follows the trail into the alien, swirling sands of the Egyptian desert. Amid the ancient intrigue and blistering heat, a powerful romance sparks between Jessie and Monty. But they must first confront the demons of Jessie's past—and reveal the dark secrets that threaten not only Timothy's life but theirs as well.

"Alison Larkin engages listeners with a story that is part complex historical mystery, part charming romance, and part fascinating travel adventure. . . . Larkin captures the young Jessie beautifully and tackles the many different accents and viewpoints in this book with obvious pleasure. " ---AudioFile

Shadows on the Nile

Author Kate Furnivall

Narrated by Alison Larkin

Publication date Oct 1, 2013

Running time 14 hrs

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