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Short Synopsis
Tantor Audio presents six must-listen stories from the horror comedy series Shingles. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Aliens vs ASS: From the time Glubnub suddenly enters his life, Dougie's world will never be the same. Will they be able to outrun the agents of ASS?

Thicker Than Blood: Bonnie led a fairly normal life until her mom accidentally drank vampire semen. Now it's up to her and her new BFF, a vampire named Amelia, to put an end to her mom's reign of terror.

Action Kadabra: Armed with nothing more than a trunk of tricks and his skills as an illusionist, will Action Kadabra find a way to survive?

Jack-O-Pumpkins: Life threw a curveball at him when the pumpkins came to life and started butchering people. Now it's up to Deuce to save the lives of countless townsfolk, and perhaps even the world.

G. I. R. L.: Guy in Real Life: Rob spends "her" days trapped in a body designed purely for aesthetics, trying her best to stay ahead of evolving game mechanics. All that changes when she must join a team to stay alive.

The Little Arsonist Girl: Join Maggie as she braves the harsh winter cold to save her family from financial ruin. An honest night's work quickly spirals into an adventure she'll remember for years to come . . . if she survives!

Contains mature themes.

Shingles Audio Collection Volume 6

Author Robert Bevan, Drew Hayes, R.E. Carr, Authors and Dragons

Narrated by Cassandra Myles, Cal Wembly

Publication date Sep 7, 2021

Running time 14 hrs

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