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Short Synopsis
This horror collection contains seven short stories. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
The Mummy's Curse: Shania's dreams are put on hold when her teacher awakens an ancient evil. Does she have what it takes to break the Mummy's Curse?

Valley of the Sex Dolls: Peggy wished her dad dated an actual human woman and not one of the creepy sex dolls that are appearing all over town. But Peggy's domestic problems might be the least of her worries as the patented Real Companions begin to get a little too real.

The Wing: One fateful day, a bag of chicken wings is thrust upon Emma Peckerman. A stripper's ghost has placed a curse on these wings, and whoever eats them soon meets an untimely and violent demise!

Deader than Hell: Dorothea "Dookie" Brickhouse has to solve a murder, exonerate her brother, and decide whether or not she's going to bang this cute vampire, all while just living the normal life of a psychic waitress.

Whiz Kid: This totally original story follows the exploits of recently orphaned Henry Potty as he enrolls in a school for wizards!

Pearls Before Swine: Judy longs to follow in her father's footsteps as a scientist, but she learns a hard lesson when she accidentally releases a horde of demon pigs upon the town.

Contains mature themes.

Shingles Audio Collection Volume 7

Author Robert Bevan, Steve Wetherell, John G. Hartness, Authors and Dragons

Narrated by Cassandra Myles, Cal Wembly

Publication date Jul 26, 2022

Running time 15 hrs

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