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Short Synopsis
The renowned biblical scholar, author of The Misunderstood Jew, and general editor for The Jewish Annotated New Testament interweaves history and spiritual analysis to explore Jesus' most popular teaching parables, exposing their misinterpretations and making them lively and relevant for modern audiences.

Full Synopsis
Jesus was a skilled storyteller and perceptive teacher who used parables from everyday life to effectively convey his message and meaning. Life in first-century Palestine was very different from our world today, and many traditional interpretations of Jesus' stories ignore this disparity and have often allowed anti-Semitism and misogyny to color their perspectives.

In this wise, entertaining, and educational book, Amy-Jill Levine offers a fresh, timely reinterpretation of Jesus' narratives. In Short Stories by Jesus, she analyzes these "problems with parables," taking us back in time to understand how their original Jewish audience understood them. Levine reveals the parables' connections to first-century economic and agricultural life, social customs and morality, Jewish scriptures and Roman culture. With this revitalized understanding, she interprets these moving stories for a contemporary reader, showing how the parables are not just about Jesus, but are also about us—and when read rightly, still challenge and provoke us two thousand years later.

"As the text enlightens, it also emboldens critical application of Jesus’s ancient stories to modern hearts and minds." ---Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"Well crafted and ably supported, Levine's touching and scholarly readings of the possibilities should be fodder for rich discussion in church groups and also deserve a place on library shelves." ---Library Journal Starred Review
Publishers Weekly Review

Library Journal Review

Short Stories by Jesus

The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi

Author Amy-Jill Levine

Narrated by Donna Postel

Publication date Feb 28, 2017

Running time 14 hrs

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