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A must-listen contemporary romance from bestselling romance Marina Adair.

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Owen Easton needs to get a life. Between family obligations and running his bar, he doesn't even have time to date. To make matters worse, his sister-in-laws are pregnant—all of them—his niece keeps asking where babies come from, and his mom signs him up for tango lessons because she says his Latin hip action isn't up to snuff. So when the beautiful barista next door offers to help run the family bar so he can go to a bachelor party in Cabo, he leaps at the chance, until he breaks his number one rule: never ever mix business with pleasure.

After a tragic accident, kindergarten teacher, Abi Woods is forced to take stock of her life and vows to make better choices. She trades in her Teacher of the Year trophy for Good Samaritan hat and posts a Good Deed Needed signup sheet in town. Only this amateur do-gooder discovers that do-gooding is harder than it appears. Determined to make amends for her past choices, she agrees to team up with the big, broody bar owner next door—who might just be the biggest wrong she has to right . . .

Single Girl in the City

A Romantic Comedy

Author Marina Adair

Narrated by Piper Goodeve

Publication date May 24, 2022

Running time 9 hrs

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