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Short Synopsis
Eric Ugland presents Book 3 in the Bad Guys series.

Full Synopsis
Clyde Hatchett: last man standing.

Well, he's the last elf standing. It's confusing not being human anymore. But being the only living member of the Biscuit's Union has its benefits. No need to take on shifts baking cookies, for one. No one telling Clyde what to do. No one . . .

You have been offered a quest by the Biscuit's Union: Rebuild the Guild

Reform the guild by having at least eight members in good standing by the end of one week.

Reward for success: survival of the guild, unknown, XP

Penalty for failure (or refusal): the death of the guild

Okay then. So in order for any of the work Clyde's put in to matter, for any of the numerous deaths he's gone through to count, he has to keep the guild going and remain its leader. Which means he's got a busy week ahead of him. Seven Days. Eight Guild Members. Countless Problems.

Skull and Thrones

Author Eric Ugland

Narrated by Neil Hellegers

Publication date Jul 21, 2020

Running time 10 hrs 16 min

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