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Short Synopsis
Slave to Fortune is an award-winning historical novel. A young man is kidnapped by Barbary corsairs and cast into a world of galleons and gunpowder. To survive he must contend with slavery, ciphers, spies, and assassinations. "It has the feel of a classic." —Glasgow Herald

Full Synopsis
Slave to Fortune is an award-winning historical novel. Tom Cheke's world is turned upside-down when he is kidnapped from his home by Barbary corsairs during an audacious night raid.

Sold into slavery in seventeenth-century Algiers, Tom carves out a promising, new life only to have it shattered once more. Another twist of fate throws him into the hands of a Scottish knight of the Order of St John and into a turbulent world of ciphers, spies and assassinations.

This is a remarkable account of how a young man comes of age, grasping life from the setbacks of fortune. It is a tale of friendship and reconciliation, of intrigue and deceit, in which trust is betrayed and deep-rooted beliefs and values are cast into doubt.

In Slave to Fortune, D. J. Munro skillfully captures a bygone era of galleons and gunpowder as the plot twists from the alleyways of Algiers, through the splendor of Malta and the canals of Venice, to maritime Portsmouth and the rustic charms of the Isle of Wight.

With echoes of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure novel Kidnapped and J. Meade Falkner's Moonfleet, Slave to Fortune is an uplifting, intelligent book that will spark curiosity and keep listeners enthralled.

"One of those boosk that brings to life a piece of the past that's little known . . . It has the feel of a classic" -The Glasgow Herald (UK)
Chanticleer International Book Award Winner

Slave to Fortune

Author D.J. Munro

Narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies

Publication date Dec 12, 2018

Running time 14 hrs 12 min

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