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Short Synopsis
KJ Charles presents Book 1 in the Will Darling Adventures. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Will Darling came back from the Great War with a few scars, a lot of medals, and no idea what to do next. Inheriting his uncle's chaotic second-hand bookshop is a blessing . . . until strange visitors start making threats. First a criminal gang, then the War Office, both telling Will to give them the information they want, or else.

Will has no idea what that information is, and nobody to turn to, until Kim Secretan—charming, cultured, oddly attractive—steps in to offer help. As Kim and Will try to find answers and outrun trouble, mutual desire grows along with the danger.

And then Will discovers the truth about Kim. His identity, his past, his real intentions. Enraged and betrayed, Will never wants to see him again.

But Will possesses knowledge that could cost thousands of lives. Enemies are closing in on him from all sides—and Kim is the only man who can help.

Contains mature themes.

"Collins ratchets up the tension as the story progresses from mildly mysterious happenings to dangerous goings-on; increasing suspense is reflected in his portrayals of Will and his paramour, Kim, in particular." ---AudioFile

"Cornell Collins was a new to me narrator. He has a great versatility for class and personality with all the distinct voices he acted." ---Delighted Reader

Slippery Creatures

Author KJ Charles

Narrated by Cornell Collins

Publication date Jul 21, 2020

Running time 7 hrs 6 min

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