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Short Synopsis
Julie Johnson presents Book 5 in the Boston Love Story series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Shelby Hunt has the perfect life, married to the perfect man.

At least, that's what anyone would think, looking at her. They couldn't possibly know about the past five years of lonely nights, or the divorce papers still sitting unsigned on her husband's desk, or the shady business practices he's brought home on more than one occasion—often in the form of scary men with loaded guns and briefcases full of laundered cash.

The truth is, Shelby's perfect life is starting to feel like a prison . . . one she's not sure she'll escape from alive . . .

Special Agent Conor Gallagher has no time for romance.

As the head of Boston's elite Organized Crime division, the seasoned FBI agent is far more interested in tracking down bad guys than wining–and–dining dates. But when a new case steers him directly into Shelby's path, he can't help the fierce protective instincts that rise up inside him.

She needs an ally. A protector. Someone to keep her safe until the fallout from her husband's criminal activities is contained. But as Conor gets closer to the plucky brunette, that protectiveness starts to feel a whole lot like passion . . .

Contains mature themes.

So Wrong It's Right

Author Julie Johnson

Narrated by Stephanie Wyles

Publication date Mar 26, 2019

Running time 8 hrs 20 min

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