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Short Synopsis
Victoria Hamilton presents Book 2 in the Gentlewoman's Guide to Murder series.

Full Synopsis
A hushed-up murder sends Emmeline St. Germaine on a quest for justice . . .

Having chosen to go to a women's institution rather than live under her brother's oppressive thumb, Emmeline is second-guessing her decision. Her ulterior motive was to learn under what circumstances her sister died there six years ago, but the conditions are dismal, the treatment is harsh, and the women are restricted on all sides. When one of the women is murdered, Emmeline resolves to solve the crime despite the powerful owner's hostile insistence that the death was a suicide.

As she uncovers what little evidence there is to be found, Emmeline's investigation is thwarted at every turn by the increasingly severe restrictions on her movement—until she discovers that the mistreated help below stairs are more than willing to reveal the institute's grim secrets. Determined to honor the victim's memory and follow the trail to the murderer wherever it goes, Emmeline will have to face down thuggish guards and abusive staff, fearful all the while of the price she'll pay to bring a killer to justice . . .

Some Touch of Madness

Author Victoria Hamilton

Narrated by Heather Wilds

Publication date Apr 18, 2023

Running time 9 hrs 26 min

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