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Short Synopsis
From former army officer William Stacey comes Source Mage, the first book in an exciting new blend of urban fantasy and military adventure. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
I was five when the dragons first appeared . . . and the lights went out for good.

Now, eighteen years after the cataclysmic appearance of the four great dragons over Mount Fuji, humanity shares a shattered Earth with the Fey—fairies, elves, and other supernatural creatures. Trust is short, magic is common, and each day is a struggle for survival in the Awakened World of 2053.

I'm Angie Ritter, a former army mage who can't cast spells anymore. I have some issues. I'm working on them.

Unfortunately, the army wasn't as accommodating as I would have hoped and gave me the boot. Now, I survive day by day in Sanwa City, a walled settlement in southern California, doing menial labor and pretty much hiding from the world. Without my magic, I can't help myself, let alone anyone else, but when my old army buddy Erin—an elite werewolf shock trooper—comes to me for help, I can't say no. Now, I just need to pull myself together—and fast. Because someone's hunting werewolves, and Erin is their new prey.

And if I get in their way, they're going to carve me up too.

Thing is, I'm done with hiding.

Contains mature themes.

Source Mage

Author William Stacey

Narrated by Chelsea Stephens

Publication date Aug 25, 2020

Running time 10 hrs 2 min

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