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Short Synopsis
Jennifer Estep presents Book 3 in the Mythos Academy Spinoff series.

Full Synopsis
This Spartan makes her own destiny . . .

Most kids at the Colorado branch of Mythos Academy know me as Rory Forseti, the daughter of Reaper assassins. Secretly, I'm a member of Team Midgard, a group of students and adults tasked with stopping Covington, the evil leader of the Reapers of Chaos. For me, the mission is a deeply personal one, since Covington is also the man who murdered my parents.

When my friends and I get a lead on a powerful artifact that Covington wants to steal, we think we finally have a chance to thwart the Reapers and stop them for good. Team Midgard comes up with a plan, but everything goes sideways, and I'm suddenly in the fight of my life.

My worst fears might have come true, but I know what my Spartan destiny is—to save my friends, or die trying . . .

I have enjoyed Amanda Dolan as the narrator for this series. She is Rory in my head She handles the male and female voices comfortably." ---Books of My Heart

Spartan Destiny

Author Jennifer Estep

Narrated by Amanda Dolan

Publication date Mar 24, 2020

Running time 10 hrs 16 min

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