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Jennifer Estep presents Book 2 in the Mythos Academy spinoff series.

Full Synopsis
Hunting for the bad guys has never been so dangerous . . .

My name is Rory Forseti, and I attend the Colorado branch of Mythos Academy, a school of warrior kids, powerful artifacts, and mythological monsters.

I'm a student, a fierce Spartan warrior, and a member of Team Midgard, a group of kids and adults tasked with stopping the evil Reapers of Chaos. There is one Reaper I'm determined to hunt down above all others: Covington, the man who murdered my parents.

So when the Midgard gets a tip that Covington is going to try to steal a dangerous artifact, I'm ready to fight. But the situation is far more complicated than it seems, and the Reapers aren't my only enemies.

I'll have to use all my Spartan strength and skills to survive this. And even then, it might be my blood that gets spilled . . .

"I enjoyed Amanda Dolan on the previous book and am completely settled with her as Rory in my head She handles the male and female voices suitably." ---Books of My Heart

Spartan Promise

Author Jennifer Estep

Narrated by Amanda Dolan

Publication date Oct 15, 2019

Running time 11 hrs

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