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Short Synopsis
By showing how the phenomenon of speed has emerged, Mark C. Taylor offers us a chance to see our pace of life as the product of specific ideas, practices, and policies.

Full Synopsis
Drawing together developments in religion, philosophy, art, technology, fashion, and finance, Mark C. Taylor presents an original and rich account of a great paradox of our times: how the very forces and technologies that were supposed to free us by saving time and labor now trap us in a race we can never win. The faster we go, the less time we have, and the more we try to catch up, the farther behind we fall.

Connecting our speed-obsession with today's global capitalism, Taylor composes a grand narrative showing how commitments to economic growth and extreme competition, combined with accelerating technological innovation, have brought us close to disaster. Psychologically, environmentally, economically, and culturally, speed is taking a profound toll on our lives.

"Taylor's observant thought process inspires and promotes the kind of dramatic cultural change necessary to unplug and reflect." ---Kirkus

"With panache and flashes of brilliance, Taylor provides plenty of provocative, learned ideas." ---Publishers Weekly

Speed Limits

Where Time Went and Why We Have So Little Left

Author Mark C. Taylor

Narrated by Mel Foster

Publication date Jan 6, 2015

Running time 15 hrs

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