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Short Synopsis
Dannika Dark presents Book 8 in the Crossbreed series.

Full Synopsis
Niko is caught in a powerful spell that was cast from the very book he sought to protect. Trapped between life and death, his chances of returning look grim.

Gem is determined to set things right. Armed only with her innate knowledge of language, she begins her daunting quest to break the diabolical spell . . . no matter the cost. When an irreversible action unleashes a new threat, Keystone scrambles into action. Lives are at stake as the team scours the city in search of an elusive foe.

A bond forged in secrets. A courageous sacrifice. Will Gem succeed at her daring attempt, or will she inadvertently destroy them all?

"Nicole Poole rocks the narration and is one of my favorite narrators for urban fantasy. Her voices for Raven and Christian Poe is particular just make me smile." ---Caffeinated Book Reviewer

"The narrator did an excellent job. I was especially impressed with how she’s created a distinctive voice for each of the Keystone team members." ---Books of My Heart


Author Dannika Dark

Narrated by Nicole Poole

Publication date Nov 5, 2019

Running time 5 hrs

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