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Short Synopsis
Squawk! provides an easy and effective solution to the increasingly common problem of seagull managers, bosses who swoop in, squawk orders riddled with formulaic advice, and leave behind steaming deposits of you-know-what on the heads of those around them.

Full Synopsis
Unfortunately, we've all been there. You and your team are facing a problem. Yet rather than working with you to come up with a solution, your manager swoops in squawking like a seagull, dumps orders riddled with formulaic advice, then takes off, leaving everyone else to clean up the mess. Or—let's be honest—there's been a time (or two) when all of us have been guilty of this very behavior.

The truth is, seagull managers live in every workplace—but it doesn't have to be that way. In Squawk! Travis Bradberry, Ph.D., reveals the three virtues that will help listeners deal with seagull managers in the workplace and, more important, avoid becoming seagulls themselves. Told through the story of Charlie, a well-intentioned seagull manager who doesn't understand how his actions hold back his flock, this entertaining and illuminating fable will help make us all less prone to depositing messes on the heads of those around us.

"Lloyd James's narrative skills and youthful tone are well matched to this optimistic management lesson." ---AudioFile


How To Stop Making Noise and Start Getting Results

Author Travis Bradberry

Narrated by Lloyd James

Publication date Sep 16, 2008

Running time 3 hrs

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