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Short Synopsis
Harlow Cole presents Book 2 in the St. Michaels Duet. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Ashley: I've given up. On my childish dreams. On getting out of this town. On love. On him.

On everything. I'm barely treading water.

Brayden: I'm the man with it all. The pinstriped jersey covering my back garners easy cash, flashy cars and fast women. My gilded name drapes over the city in neon. I have everything. Everything, except the thing I crave most. Ashley Foster.

They say you can never go home again. I'm out to prove them wrong. But what if returning requires facing all the things you destroyed? To what lengths would you go to earn forgiveness? Would you beg? Would you borrow? Would you steal?

Stealing home is the riskiest move in baseball. But the reward . . . If it works? Winning her back is a chance I'm finally ready to take.

My pockets are filled with stars. It's time to follow them home. This time, I don't want to steal all her firsts, I want to lay claim on all her lasts.

Contains mature themes.

Stealing Home

Author Harlow Cole

Narrated by Stephanie Rose, Cooper North

Publication date May 12, 2020

Running time 11 hrs

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