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Short Synopsis
Kevin McLaughlin and Michael Anderle present Book 5 in the Steel Dragons series.

Full Synopsis
The mage uprising has been put down, but it wasn't enough. Dragons have become aware that humans can arm themselves with weapons deadly to even dragonkind.

Dragons are living in fear of humans for the first time in living memory, and they hate it.

The war has arrived. Lord Boneclaw will lead the armies of dragonkind to decimate humanity. Their aim is to slaughter billions, thus bringing the threat back under control.

Only one thing stands in their path.

Kristen Hall and her people haven't fought so hard and so long to stop this war only to allow it to happen anyway. She will stop this threat the same as she has the others—no matter the cost.

Even if it means going toe to toe with the dragon she's most afraid of, the dragon who almost killed her in a dark cavern.

Steel Dragon 5

Author Kevin McLaughlin, Michael Anderle

Narrated by Emily Beresford

Publication date Jan 19, 2021

Running time 19 hrs 10 min

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