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Short Synopsis
New York Times bestselling author Ellery Adams presents the fourth book in her Supper Club mystery series.

Full Synopsis
James Henry and the Flab Five are invited to serve as judges at Hog Fest, a celebrated barbecue festival in the Virginia mountains. But when one of the "pit masters" is found dead and a member of the supper club is accused of the murder, James and his friends have to lick the sauce off their fingers and get to work catching a killer. Amid a fairground filled with colorful people and tempting food, The Flab Five are sure to fall off the diet wagon. But James Henry has more to worry about than his expanding waistline. His bookmobile is dead, suspicious activities are taking place in his beloved library, and his relationship with Murphy Alistair is on the rocks. James needs to focus less on brisket and fried pickles and more on solving problems because Hog Fest is clearly no picnic.

"[White] has the most soothing voice and can easily switch between character voices - male or female." -Reading Around the Genres

"[A] rollicking adventure . . . While many of the antics are hilarious . . . [the] characters really do have depth, the plotting is well executed, and the series becomes better with each installment." ---Booklist

Stiffs and Swine

Author Ellery Adams

Narrated by Karen White

Publication date Feb 27, 2018

Running time 10 hrs

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