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Short Synopsis
Jude Gray presents Book 2 in the Savage Warriors series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
When the alien ship holding me malfunctions, I'm thrown into a shuttle and expelled from the ship. I awaken to find myself on what looks like a toxic waste dump—miles of inhospitable, eerie land where the ground smokes, the hills are black and barren, and it's unpleasantly cold.

Soon I discover I'm not alone. There's an alien on the awful island. A familiar alien.

He's the one who bought me from my captors. He's the one who paid extra because I'm a virgin. And he's the one who put me aboard the shuttle and saved my life when the ship went down.

I have a decision to make. Should I kill him as he lies injured and delirious, or should I nurse him back to health and hope he can save us both?

When I begin to soften toward him, and worse, my body begins to respond to his, I can't help but wonder—can a human woman fall in love with her alien abductor?

Contains mature themes.

Stolen and Saved

Author Jude Gray

Narrated by Justine O. Keef

Publication date Feb 11, 2020

Running time 3 hrs 28 min

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