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Short Synopsis
S. Dalambakis presents Book 1 in the Gypsy Notes series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
What's a spelled violin-wielding, thief for hire to do, when parts of a poem that lead to pieces of a map to unknown treasure, falls into her lap?

Follow it, of course.

After being shot while retrieving the first piece of the map, Finley knows she's going to need some help with the next piece. On the road to figuring out where the second piece of the map is, a tip points her in the direction of three men. Obsidian, the hamrammr, Stolas, the hellhound, and Verkor, the unseelie fae.

Finley gets a little more than she bargained for when they meet. It turns out, they're her mates, completing everything prophesied in the first part of the poem. After agreeing to help, they find themselves in the winter court of the faerie realm.

Trouble ensues from the beginning of their journey. Things don't get better when Finley learns Verkor is related to the king. Verkor's past comes back to haunt him, but the plan must be enacted to get what they came for. The question is, will they succeed, or will the king stop them?

Contains mature themes.

Stolen Warriors

A Dance With the King

Author S. Dalambakis

Narrated by Lauren Sweet, Alex Kydd

Publication date Dec 24, 2019

Running time 8 hrs

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