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Short Synopsis
Bjørn Larssen's award-winning, Amazon #1 best selling novel is an otherworldly, emotive Icelandic saga—a story of love and loneliness, relief and suffering, hatred . . . and hope.

Full Synopsis
Would you murder your brothers to keep them from telling the truth about themselves?

On a long, cold Icelandic night in March 1920, Gunnar, a hermit blacksmith, finds himself with an unwanted lodger—Sigurd, an injured stranger who offers a story from the past. But some stories, even those of an old man who can barely walk, are too dangerous to hear. They alter the listeners' lives forever . . . by ending them.

Others are keen on changing Gunnar's life as well. Depending on who gets to tell his story, it might lead towards an unwanted marriage, an intervention, rejoining the Church, letting the elf drive him insane, or succumbing to the demons in his mind. Will he manage to write his own last chapter?


Author Bjørn Larssen

Narrated by Graham Halstead

Publication date Sep 7, 2021

Running time 12 hrs 20 min

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