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Short Synopsis
Theresa Shaver presents Book 2 of the Stranded series.

Full Synopsis
Join a courageous group of teens as they make their way in a post apocalyptic adventure story of survival after an EMP has virtually shut down modern technology across North America.

Emily, David, Mason, Lisa, and Mark head to the California coast to find a boat back to Canada. They all felt that it would be much easier and quicker to sail home rather than go over land with the others. They were wrong. The trek through the lawless city to get to the coast is only the first step. Hardship and loss await as the teens struggle to overcome both the challenge of the journey and threats from within. The trip home will change them all—for good or bad, as the stranded teens make for home by sea.



Author Theresa Shaver

Narrated by Kristin James

Publication date Jun 25, 2019

Running time 7 hrs 14 min

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