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Short Synopsis
When gangster Manco Kapak is repeatedly robbed, the innocent and the guilty alike find themselves in the middle of a brewing gang war in this explosive novel from the Edgar Award–winning author of The Butcher's Boy.

Full Synopsis
An aging but formidable strip club owner, Claudiu "Manco" Kapak, has been robbed by a masked gunman as he placed his cash receipts in a bank's night-deposit box. Enraged, he sends his half-dozen security men out to find a suspect who is spending lots of cash and is new enough to Los Angeles not to know he was robbing a gangster.

Their search leads them to Joe Carver, an innocent but hardly defenseless newcomer who evades capture and sets out to make Kapak wish he'd chosen someone else. Meanwhile, the real culprit, Jefferson Davis Falkins, and his new girlfriend, Carrie, seem to believe they've found a whole new profession: robbing Manco Kapak.

Lieutenant Nick Slosser, the police detective in charge of the puzzling and increasingly violent case, has his own troubles, including worries about how he's going to afford to send the oldest child of each of his two bigamous marriages to college without making their mothers suspicious.

As this odd series of difficulties explodes into a triple killing, Carver finds himself in the middle of a brewing gang war over Kapak's little empire, while Falkins and Carrie journey into territory more strange and violent than either had imagined.

"Michael Kramer clearly appreciates and plays along with the author's sense of humor, and he understands the characters' gray-area approach to morality." ---Publishers Weekly Audio Review

"Perry's exquisite timing and finesse provide near perfect endings to the multiple story lines and make this escapist reading at its best." ---Publishers Weekly Starred Review

"Pure, unadulterated fun." ---Library Journal Starred Review

"The combination of Perry's strong writing and Kramer's solid performance carries listeners into a seedy world of strippers, hoods, cops, and tough guys." ---AudioFile

"Alternately hilarious and creepy...Strip is notable for how, in Perry's hands, the aging Kapak transforms from a flesh-peddling sleazebag to a guy you care about. And root for." ---Stephen King

"Thomas Perry is, quite simply, brilliant. And as each book comes out he becomes more so." ---Robert B. Parker
Publishers Weekly Review

Library Journal Review

New York Times Notable Crime Book
Author Interview
Thomas Perry


A Novel

Author Thomas Perry

Narrated by Michael Kramer

Publication date May 17, 2010

Running time 11 hrs

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