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Short Synopsis
The highly anticipated, intimate, accessible, and eloquent illumination of animal survival in summer, from award-winning nature writer Bernd Heinrich, the bestselling author of Winter World.

Full Synopsis
As the snow melts and the spring approaches, the animal kingdom awakens. In Summer World, Bernd Heinrich, the bestselling author of Winter World, brings us an up-close and personal view of that awakening and rebirth.

Almost all life on the surface of the earth derives its energy from the sun, either directly through photosynthesis or indirectly by consuming plants, making summer the time when nature is most active—feeding, fighting, mating, and nesting. From frogs, wasps, and caterpillars to hummingbirds and woodpeckers, Heinrich explores these animals' adaptations for surviving and procreating during the short window of summer, and he delights in the seemingly infinite feats of animal inventiveness he discovers there.

Infused with his inexhaustible enchantment with nature, Summer World encourages a sense of wonder and discovery for the natural world and its busiest season.

"Audie Award winner Mel Foster's evenly paced, distinctly voiced, and accent-free delivery enhances the ambiance and perfectly conveys Heinrich's wonder at nature's flexibility." ---Library Journal Starred Audio Review

"Heinrich presents natural science at its engaging best." ---Kirkus Starred Review

"It is possible there is a better guide to the world around us than Bernd Heinrich, but I've not come across him. Summer World will get you out the door and into the season!" ---Bill McKibben, bestselling author of The End of Nature

"The marvels that Heinrich reveals and his own enthusiasm---a quality he admires in the animals around him---are certain to carry you along." ---The New York Times

"This lovely book, meticulously etched and based on impassioned but exacting scientific research, illustrates why Heinrich is generally regarded as the most truly Thoreauvian of modern natural history writers." ---Edward O. Wilson

"[Heinrich's] skillful writing and delight in the season and nature are obvious. Highly recommended." ---Library Journal Starred Review
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New York Times Bestseller

Kirkus Review

Library Journal Review

Library Journal Bestseller

Summer World

A Season of Bounty

Author Bernd Heinrich

Narrated by Mel Foster

Publication date Apr 20, 2009

Running time 8 hrs

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