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Short Synopsis
From oyster pirate to oyster cop, Jack London brings us adventure stories from the wild days of turn-of-the-century San Francisco.

Full Synopsis
In this classic collection of stories drawn from his own experiences, author Jack London looks back on his days as a teenager aboard the fishing boats of San Francisco Bay. In the early 1900s, men of all stripes descended on these waters to plunder its rich oyster beds. To stop the run on the waters, a patrol was established. London began his youthful adventures on the wrong side of the law, as an oyster pirate. But conscience and common sense got the better of him, and he became a member of the Fish Patrol. The decision satisfied even his legendary appetite for excitement. Placing us smack in the middle of San Francisco at the height of its most reckless days, Tales of the Fish Patrol is vintage Jack London, tales of adventure from a world-class raconteur.

Tales of the Fish Patrol

Author Jack London

Narrated by Jonathan Reese

Publication date Sep 22, 2008

Running time 3 hrs

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