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Short Synopsis
M. J. Caan presents Book 2 in the Singing Falls Witches series

Full Synopsis
There are few things in life that can't be made better by some good old- fashioned Hex.

Torie Bliss had accepted the gifts that were bestowed on witches of her lineage. Gifts that manifested themselves after her fortieth birthday. Gifts that had come in handy when trying to solve the case of a supernatural serial killer.

Now, all she wanted was to relax, enjoy the company of her quirky new friends, practice her magic, and settle down in the scenic, mountain-side town of Singing Falls. And maybe get to know a certain werewolf that seems to have developed a thing for her.

At least that was the plan, until a knock at her door forces her to deal with someone from her past. Someone that is opening Torie's world up to a whole new level of danger and darkness. Darkness that threatens to devour her new world.

Can Torie and her friends survive a threat that has been stalking them from the shadows?

That Good Hex

Author M.J. Caan

Narrated by Traci Odom

Publication date Jun 1, 2021

Running time 6 hrs

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