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Logan Ryles presents Book 1 in the Wolfgang Pierce series.

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Meet Charlie Team—an elite espionage unit ready to pull off any mission, for anybody.

Just sign the check and name the place.

When a critical counter-terrorism operation is jeopardized by leaked intel, the CIA calls on Charlie Team to protect their agent. The Team is happy to oblige, but their last operation turned deadly, and they're a man short.

Wolfgang Pierce is an independent operator with dozens of mission-accomplished moments to his credit. He's happy to join the team, but this mission is altogether unlike the domestic operations he's accustomed to, and any mistake could be his last.

As the streets of Paris blur into a whirlwind of misdirection and danger, only one thing is certain. This mission is far more complicated than advertised, and failure may cost a lot more than the lives of Wolfgang's fellow operators.

It could cost the lives of thousands.

That Time in Paris

A Wolfgang Pierce Thriller

Author Logan Ryles

Narrated by Kyle Tait

Publication date Jul 19, 2022

Running time 4 hrs

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