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Short Synopsis
Immortality bites in the next installment of the Accidental Friends series.

Full Synopsis
Wanda Schwartz is raking in the dough selling Bobbie-Sue Cosmetics—and she's a pro at recruiting new saleswomen. So, she's shocked when a man comes to one of her in—home parties-a very hot man. Heath Jefferson is sure to put some extra spin into a lot of women's color wheels.

When Wanda is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it doesn't have to be a death sentence. With a werewolf and a vampire for best friends, she has options that most ordinary people wouldn't. As Wanda ponders what to do about her mortality, Heath reveals he has secrets, and one of them is that his former bloodlust has turned into an old-fashioned lust—for Wanda. And he's already given up too much to lose the love of his lifetimes.

"Meredith is so growing on me as the series continues! I really think Wanda's voice is the one she has always been spot on with and she delivered on this one." ---The Geeky Blogger's Book Blog

"With emotion, laughter and some pathos, Cassidy serves up another winner!" ---RT Book Reviews

"Great fun for anyone who likes paranormal romances!" ---Books, Movies, Reviews, Oh My!

The Accidental Human

Author Dakota Cassidy

Narrated by Meredith Mitchell

Publication date May 21, 2014

Running time 11 hrs

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