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Short Synopsis
A must-listen from the author of The Proposition. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Charlotte "Charli" Monroe: After years of bit parts in forgettable Hallmark movies and embarrassing commercials for feminine hygiene products, I'd been given my big-budget break: the lead in an Edwardian era social drama set on a sprawling estate in Sussex. Everything was going great until I discovered my costar and current flame was banging his way through the cast. That's when this southern girl channeled her inner Scarlet O'Hara by hurling a vase at him. Turns out the owner of said vase, the infuriating Earl Whittingham, did give a damn about the priceless heirloom. Just as I was imagining a life of servitude to pay him back, he gave me an unorthodox proposal.

Randall "Rand" Halsey, Earl Whittingham: Being a member of the British aristocracy can be a royal pain, especially when it comes to the required social season. The only thing worse than having to attend all the myriad of events is attending them single. Throw in the likelihood of running into my ex-wife with her new boy-toy and it's bloody insufferable. I'd resigned myself to keeping a stiff upper lip while drowning my sorrows in Lagavulin when an opportunity fell into my lap. Actually, it crashed into the wall of my drawing room. Charlie is used to playing a part, but she'll need to turn an Oscar-worthy one to prove she's in love with me.

Contains mature themes.

The Actress and the Aristocrat

Author Katie Ashley

Narrated by John Lane, Loretta Rawlins

Publication date Jun 14, 2022

Running time 7 hrs 25 min

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