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Short Synopsis
Ralph Leslie absolutely loves his job as a steward on millionaire Marshall Turner's lavish super-yacht—that is, until a brutal killer starts murdering the crew. While the passengers panic, Leslie must try to stay alive long enough to catch the killer.

Full Synopsis
Just out of the hospital and totally out of funds, Ralph Leslie jumped at the chance to sign aboard millionaire Marshall Turner's luxurious super-yacht as steward to the passengers lodged in its after house. His job was easy sailing until one sultry summer night, when the dream voyage suddenly became a nightmare of blood and terror. One ship's officer was thrown overboard. Another was hacked to death with an ax. The killer struck again and again, and the Ella was awash in a wave of panic that engulfed passengers and crew alike. Only one hand aboard, ex-landlubber Leslie, seemed enough in control to stay the bloody hand of the murderer. But he'd have to stay alive to do it, and that wasn't going to be easy.

The After House, with eBook

Author Mary Roberts Rinehart

Narrated by Rebecca Burns

Publication date Nov 16, 2009

Running time 5 hrs

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