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Short Synopsis
Kevin O'Brien presents Book 2 in the Family Secrets series.

Full Synopsis

The site of the old campus bungalow where two girls were brutally slain is now a flower patch covered with chrysanthemums. It's been fifty years since the Immaculate Conception Murders. Three more students and a teacher were killed in a sickening spree that many have forgotten. But there is one person who knows every twisted detail . . .


Hannah O'Rourke and her volatile half-sister, Eden, have little in common except a parent. Yet they've ended up at the same small college outside Chicago, sharing a bungalow with another girl. Hannah isn't thrilled—nor can she shake the feeling that she's being watched. And her journalism professor, Ellie Goodwin, keeps delving into Hannah and Eden's newsworthy past . . .


When Hannah and Eden's arrival coincides with a spate of mysterious deaths, Ellie knows it's more than a fluke. A copycat is recreating those long-ago murders. Neither the police nor the school will accept the horrific truth. And the more Ellie discovers, the more she's convinced that she won't live to be believed . . .

"This complete and unabridged audio book production of Kevin O'Brien's chillingly suspense thriller of a novel is expertly narrated by Ann Marie Lee. The result is a pure theatre of the mind experience that takes sixteen hours spread out over 13 CDs to complete." ---Midwest Book Review

The Bad Sister

Author Kevin O'Brien

Narrated by Ann Marie Lee

Publication date Jul 28, 2020

Running time 16 hrs 1 min

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