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Short Synopsis
Get inside the minds of elite sportsmen and women and discover what it takes to be the best. This is the story of superhuman performance and the playbook for the superstars of tomorrow.

Full Synopsis
Never have the best sportspeople seemed so far removed from the rest of us. So how are these extraordinary athletes made and what do their achievements tell us about success? The Best reveals how the most incredible sportspeople in the world got that way. It is a unique look at the path to sporting greatness. This is a story of origins, training, luck, and serendipity, as well as of sports science and cutting-edge technology. Packed with gripping personal stories and interviews, you will discover how the best athletes develop the extraordinary skills and muscle memory that allow them to perform remarkable acts without consciously thinking about them.

The Best deconstructs the myths, like the notion that 10,000 hours of practice are needed to make it to the top, and explores the hidden power of the mind to reveal how athletes really think and process information during high octane competition. It gets inside the minds of champions, deconstructing what athletes see during matches and explaining how they do what they do.

Drawing on examples and lessons from throughout the sporting world, this is for anyone who wants to know what it takes to be the best.

The Best

How Elite Athletes Are Made

Author Mark Williams, Tim Wigmore

Narrated by Stuart Nurse

Publication date Dec 1, 2020

Running time 12 hrs

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