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Short Synopsis
A. K. Michaels presents Book 2 of the Black Rose Chronicles. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Hell . . . I'm in Hell. Literally.

I dishonored a contract to kill the Leader of the Vampires. For love. And now I'm paying the price. Locked up tight by the Demon King and his vicious minion. The way the demon looks at me is sickening and leaves no doubt what his plans are where I'm concerned. I have to escape before it's too late.

All I have to hold onto is the belief that Cassius will come for me, that he will follow me into the pits of Hell. If anyone can do it, he can. I cling to visions of his eyes. The feel of his arms as he holds me. His love. It's my only way to survive.

Where are you, Cassius? I need you . . .

Contains mature themes.

The Black Rose Chronicles

Torment and Treachery

Author A.K. Michaels

Narrated by Stephanie Rose

Publication date Aug 20, 2019

Running time 5 hrs 17 min

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