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Short Synopsis
Embittered by the untimely death of his wife, a powerful sorcerer wreaks vengeance on all womankind, capturing women and transforming them into swans who only regain their human forms briefly each night, until Odette, a noble princess, risks everything to free herself and the other swan-maidens.

Full Synopsis
After his wife's untimely death, a powerful sorcerer dedicates his life to seeking revenge against all womankind. He turns his captives into beautiful swans—who briefly regain human form by the fleeting light of the moon. Only Odette, noblest of the enchanted flock, has the courage to confront her captor. But can she gain the allies she needs to free herself and the other swan-maidens from their magical slavery? A monumental tale of loyalty and betrayal, of magic good and evil, of love both carnal and pure, and of the duality of human nature, The Black Swan is a rich tapestry which is sure to become an all-time masterpiece of fantasy.

The Black Swan

Author Mercedes Lackey

Narrated by Eva Wilhelm

Publication date Aug 11, 2020

Running time 13 hrs

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