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Short Synopsis
A story of romantic love in Holland during the Renaissance, this historical novel describes the murder of John de Witte and his brother Cornelius at the hands of tyrants. And the black tulip? A symbol of justice and the end of oppression.

Full Synopsis
The tulip craze of seventeenth-century Holland has a dark side! Cornelius van Baerle, a wealthy but naive tulip grower, finds himself entangled in the deadly politics of his time. Cornelius's one desire is to grow the perfect black tulip. But after his godfather is murdered, he finds himself in prison, facing a death sentence. His jailer's lovely daughter holds the key to his survival and his chance to produce the precious black blossom. Yet he has one more enemy to contend with!

The Black Tulip, with eBook

Author Alexandre Dumas

Narrated by John Bolen

Publication date Mar 30, 2009

Running time 8 hrs

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