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Short Synopsis
Recognized by the New York Journal of Books as "intellectually outstanding" and hailed as "the best short mystery and crime fiction of the year" by Leonard Carpenter, Maxim Jakubowski presents a collection of short fiction stories from the best contemporary writers of crime and mystery.

Full Synopsis
Holmes and Watson Return in These New Detective Fiction Stories

New adventures of the iconic sleuth. An icon of detective fiction, readers, investigators, and artists have come across Sherlock Holmes and his mythical stories of crime and adventure for generations. Now comes an outstanding anthology of never before seen short fiction stories featuring the much-loved powers of deduction and unerring quest for the truth—however improbable it might first appear.

A cornucopia of Sherlock Holmes characters, dark deeds, and derring do. Collected by one of the genre's eminent editors, this volume features the mythical detective alongside favorite Sherlock Holmes characters, John Watson and Doctor Moriarty. With further examples of Holmes and Watson, fast-paced puzzles, and investigations accompanied by fascinating investigators, The Book of Extraordinary New Sherlock Holmes Stories brings together some of the most renowned American and British crime and thriller authors of today.

The Book of Extraordinary New Sherlock Holmes Stories

The Best New Original Stories of the Genre

Narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies

Publication date Nov 17, 2020

Running time 8 hrs 11 min

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