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Short Synopsis
The inspiring true story of a high-school basketball team that overcame desperate circumstances in 1980s Baltimore to produce four NBA players and give hope to a neighborhood and a city, thanks to a remarkable coach who relentlessly pursued perfection.

Full Synopsis
As the crack epidemic swept across inner-city America in the early 1980s, the streets of Baltimore were crime ridden. For poor kids from the housing projects, the future looked bleak. But basketball could provide the quickest ticket out, an opportunity to earn a college scholarship and perhaps even play in the NBA.

Dunbar High School had one of the most successful basketball programs, not only in Baltimore but in the entire country, and in the early 1980s, the Dunbar Poets were arguably the best high school team of all time. Four starting players—Muggsy Bogues, Reggie Williams, David Wingate, and Reggie Lewis—would eventually play in the NBA, an unheard-of success rate. In The Boys of Dunbar, Alejandro Danois takes us through the 1981-1982 season with the Poets as the team conquered all its opponents. But more than that, he takes us into the lives of these kids, and especially of Coach Bob Wade, a former NFL player from the same neighborhood who knew that the basketball court, and the lessons his players would learn there, held the key to the future.

"Danois highlights Dunbar’s underdog qualities . . . [He] spoke to enough people to compile an oral history, yet he has the good sense and talent to unspool the narrative with brief, well-timed digressions into quirky stories and characters." ---New York Times

"Danois, editor-in-chief of the Shadow League, recounts the memorable season and its resonance in a city whose salad days had shriveled into unemployment, drugs, and violence." ---Publishers Weekly

"Readers interested in high school basketball might find this all-star team entertaining, while those in the Baltimore area will have the chance to relive some glory days." ---Library Journal

The Boys of Dunbar

A Story of Love, Hope, and Basketball

Author Alejandro Danois

Narrated by Mirron Willis

Publication date Sep 13, 2016

Running time 8 hrs

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