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Short Synopsis
David O. Stewart presents Book 2 in the Overstreet Saga.

Full Synopsis
The Burning Land, book two of the Overstreet Saga, brings the listener back to the Civil War and its aftermath, when Americans fought each other over what the nation would become—a time of adventure, excitement, opportunity, and agonizing loss.

From bestselling historian and storyteller David O. Stewart, The Burning Land follows a turbulent romance through the upheavals of the Civil War and America's westward migration. Henry Overstreet, a carpenter, aims to scale the social ladder in Waldoboro, Maine, in his pursuit of Katie Nash. The lovers' path runs through America's bloodiest war—one fought to redeem the nation's soul by freeing a people. Often separated, they use quiet and devoted letters to capture each other's heart as Katie wins teaching jobs usually reserved for men and Henry fights furious battles with Maine's legendary Twentieth Regiment, rising to sergeant. On Henry's first leave, they marry on the Fourth of July, 1864, but their trials only multiply. Katie nurses Henry back from a grisly battlefield wound, but he recoils from the prospect of returning small-town Waldoboro. Dreaming of new horizons, Henry uproots their young family for booming Chicago, but little goes right in that overnight metropolis, testing their love and faith as never before.

The Burning Land

Author David O. Stewart

Narrated by BJ Harrison

Publication date Apr 18, 2023

Running time 11 hrs 21 min

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