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Short Synopsis
J. R. McLeay's The Cicada Prophecy is a provocative genetic engineering technothriller based on recent breakthroughs in the science of aging.

Full Synopsis
Since the dawn of civilization, it's been mankind's greatest dream: immortality and eternal youth. Dramatic advances in medical science have finally made it possible. But in order to preserve everyone's youthful state, they must undergo an irreversible operation before passing into adulthood. A special hormone patch maintains each person's body in the form of a preadolescent eleven year old.

Under the authority of the United Nations, surgeon-general Dr. Richard Ross oversees the universal program that promises a peaceful utopian society. Emotionally and intellectually mature juveniles now rule the world. But not everyone is happy with the new arrangement. A group of rebels from the Garden of Eden church plots to overthrow the new regime and return the world to its natural order.

The idyllic setting is quickly overturned. A series of sinister schemes and escalating medical complications sets the world on a course of imminent extinction. Building to an action-packed climax, Dr. Ross and his endocrinologist girlfriend must find and save the one person who carries the genetic link for preserving the human race.

"5 out of 5 stars . . . The narration for The Cicada Prophecy was done by Todd McLaren who does a wonderful job." ---Brian's Book Blog

The Cicada Prophecy

Author J. R. McLeay

Narrated by Todd McLaren

Publication date Apr 5, 2016

Running time 11 hrs 27 min

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