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Short Synopsis
From Robert E. Howard, the master of heroic fantasy, come five classic adventures featuring Conan, the legendary Cimmerian.

Full Synopsis
In a meteoric career that covered only a dozen years, Robert E. Howard defined the sword and sorcery genre. In doing so, he brought to life the archetypal adventurer known to millions around the world as Conan the barbarian.

This collection features Howard at his finest and Conan at his most savage. Truly heroic fantasy at its best, this volume contains "The Servants of Bit-Yakin," "Beyond the Black River," "The Black Stranger," "The Man-Eaters of Zamboula," and "Red Nails," which is perhaps Conan's most famous adventure.

"McLaren's presentation of the complexities of [Conan] makes him believable as an adventurer who has wide experience." ---AudioFile

The Conquering Sword of Conan

Author Robert E. Howard

Narrated by Todd McLaren

Publication date Sep 14, 2009

Running time 18 hrs

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