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Short Synopsis
There's an epic showdown brewing in the final book of this beloved paranormal women's fiction series by Rebecca Regnier.

Full Synopsis
In Widow's Bay, when someone calls you a crone it's a compliment.

Menopausal witch, Marzie Nowak, is waiting for someone, anyone, to say she looks too young to be a grandma. But looks aside, her brand new grandbaby is rocking her world. Too bad everything else in Widow's Bay is upside down. There's a dead body, a haywire wand, and her beloved magical cat has been hexed! Between that and an ex-husband who's decided to move in on her turf, Marzie's feeling very much the crone.

Plus some new faces have moved into Widow's Bay and they're giving the Distinguished Ladies Club a run for their money. With a possible killer on the loose and everyone around her acting strangely, the pressure is on Marzie to sort things out. Big changes are afoot in Widow's Bay and in Marzie's family.

Don't miss the epic finale as empty nest witches team up with handsome vampires and flirty shifters in the most magical town in Michigan.

If you like clever heroines, snarky humor, and supernatural small towns, then you'll love Rebecca Regnier's bewitching mystery. Paranormal women's fiction fans will want to move to Widow's Bay. Where a hot flash means a witch is just getting warmed up!

The Crone Age

Author Rebecca Regnier

Narrated by Traci Odom

Publication date Dec 14, 2021

Running time 5 hrs 1 min

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