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Short Synopsis
Elin Peer presents the seventh book in her Men of the North series. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Sometimes the purest love can turn to the deepest hate. I was twelve when I promised Solo that I would one day marry him. Maybe I would have if he hadn't gotten impatient and ruined everything that summer when I was fifteen. For the last seven years I've replaced the love I once felt for him with anger over his almost getting me killed.

Willow, a talented Motlander dancer, goes on tour in the Northlands. What should have been a chance for a new beginning brings her face to face with her traumatic past when Solo, a mountain of a man and the fiercest warrior of his generation, is put in charge of her safety against her will. If she can't get rid of him at least she can return the favor and make his job a nightmare too.

Contains mature themes.

The Dancer

Author Elin Peer

Narrated by Noelle Bridges, John Masterson

Publication date Dec 12, 2018

Running time 10 hrs

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