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Short Synopsis
Stacy Claflin presents Book 3 in the Brannon House series.

Full Synopsis
How many secrets can one house hide?

Kenzi Brannon has always dreaded going down to the dark basement of the old Brannon house she grew up in. Now an adult, she's returned home to find her apprehension has intensified. She avoids that locked door and the secrets beyond in hope that ignoring the problem will keep long-forgotten horrors buried.

A neighbor's obsession with her house and history has rekindled Kenzi's old fears. And reconnecting with someone from her past may force her to face what she’s been running from her entire life.

And that might not be the worst of it.The garden her family is restoring could conceal something far more terrifying than anything inside the house. Something that could rip her newly found family apart.

Some people say the truth will set you free. Kenzi can't help but feel that it will destroy everything.

The Darkest Garden

Author Stacy Claflin

Narrated by Tina Wolstencroft

Publication date Feb 16, 2021

Running time 6 hrs 17 min

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