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Short Synopsis
This book will take you into the murkiest depths of the web's dark underbelly: a place of hitmen for hire, red rooms, hurtcore sites, and markets that will sell anything a person is willing to pay for—including another person. Contains mature themes.

Full Synopsis
Dark . . . A kingpin willing to murder to protect his dark web drug empire. A corrupt government official determined to avoid exposure.

Darker . . . A death in Minnesota leads detectives into the world of dark web murder-for-hire where hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin is paid to arrange killings, beatings, and rapes.

Darkest . . . A video circulates and the pursuit of the monsters responsible for 'Daisy's Destruction' lead detectives into the unimaginable horror of the world of hurtcore.

There's the world wide web—the internet we all know that connects us via news, email, forums, shopping, and social media. Then there's the dark web—the parallel internet accessed by only a select few.

Eileen Ormsby has spent the past five years exploring every corner of the Dark Web. She has shopped on darknet markets, contributed to forums, waited in red rooms, and been threatened by hitmen on murder-for-hire sites. On occasions, her dark web activities have poured out into the real world and she has attended trials, met with criminals and the law enforcement who tracked them down, interviewed dark web identities and visited them in prison.

Contains mature themes.

The Darkest Web

Drugs, Death and Destroyed Lives . . . the Inside Story of the Internet's Evil Twin

Author Eileen Ormsby

Narrated by Cat Gould

Publication date Aug 17, 2021

Running time 11 hrs

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