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Short Synopsis
Linda Barrett presents the fourth and final book in her Pilgrim Cove series.

Full Synopsis
After his twin brother died on the night of their senior prom, Jason Parker disappeared from Pilgrim Cove. Nine years later he returns in order to make peace with his family—with Lila Sullivan, the woman he can't forget—and with himself. But nothing and no one is the same as he remembers. Certainly not his family. Not Lila, with her fiancé and a child. Not even his old house. Can a wanderer ever find home again? Do second chances really exist?

Lila wants no part of this man who owned her heart years ago but vanished when she needed him most. His music ignites her emotions, but can she trust him not to break her heart again? Worse still, can she trust him not to break their daughter's heart?

"The narrator did a really good job of character distinctions and set a nice tone overall for the series. I’m glad I chose to listen to all of the books." ---Blue Mood Cade

The Daughter He Never Knew

Author Linda Barrett

Narrated by Coleen Marlo

Publication date Feb 19, 2019

Running time 7 hrs

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