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Short Synopsis
Brandon Q. Morris presents Book 2 in the Big Rip series.

Full Synopsis
The new heart of the Milky Way is a quasar, enclosed by a huge shell. It will provide energy to humankind for a long time. But then one maintenance probe after another disappears. Is someone trying to manipulate the quasar to destroy our galaxy in a giant explosion? Or is it just a few outlaws who are trying to steal some of the quasar's energy for themselves?

Kepler and Zhenyi, with the help of some unexpected friends, discover that the stakes are much, much higher. They encounter new and at the same time ancient foes that they never dreamt of in their worst nightmares.

Finally, they face a lonesome decision that could make them traitors to humanity forever.

The Death of the Universe

Ghost Kingdom

Author Brandon Q. Morris

Narrated by David Stifel

Publication date Jul 7, 2020

Running time 9 hrs 22 min

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