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Short Synopsis
CW Lamb presents a must-listen paranormal romance.

Full Synopsis
Recently divorced Robert Garrison was just looking for a new start in life as his real estate agent led him down the back roads of Florida looking for a new home. A Middle East war veteran, he was in search of a project that he could lose himself in. Unfortunately the only thing that interested him was the decaying Foxworth House. It was family owned and not available, or so he was told. A mysterious hand written invitation, an elderly woman and rumors of a haunted house are just the beginning of a journey that takes Robert back more than 150 years into a Foxworth family secret.The 1850's are a hard time for the motherless seventeen year old daughter of a river boat captain. Charlotte Foxworth is called upon at an early age to both raise her younger sister and run the family business while her father is away on the river. She longed for a place where she only need worry about herself and her future. That place is a newly constructed house on the river, a place where she can live and love, a gift from her father, her Dowry.

The Dowry

Author Charles Lamb

Narrated by Amy McFadden

Publication date Dec 8, 2020

Running time 9 hrs

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