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Short Synopsis
Martha Carr and Michael Anderle present Book 6 in the Goth Drow series.

Full Synopsis
Cheyenne is leading the Drows at last. But there's still a lot that could go wrong.

Bianca is still cursed and could bring the blight down on them. The Nimlothar forest could burn and all the Drow with it. But wait, there's more . . .

The O'gúleesh in Hangivol blame her for destroying their livelihood when they should have thanked her for destroying the blight. Cheyenne's not a fan either.

And now a new enemy is playing with portals on Earth.

It's one thing after another for the Goth Drow. How does she fix one problem without creating four more?

Cheyenne will need the help of Inolu Roth the banebreaker who charges a hefty price for clearing curses. Turns out she paid for a little extra mayhem, too. How will she keep everyone alive and intact while working with the FRoE?

The Drow Will Leave

Author Martha Carr, Michael Anderle

Narrated by Devon Sorvari

Publication date Sep 14, 2021

Running time 25 hrs

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